EXODUS – Superior Hardcore
Westfalenhalle Dortmund, Germany

At what age can I visit EXODUS?
Generally no entrance for visitors under 16.
Will there be a box office?
Yes, there will be a box office. More info soon.
Which means of transport am I allowed to use?
With your admission ticket, you can use all buses, trams and trains (DB: RE, RB and S-Bahn, each 2nd class) in the VRR Rhine-Ruhr fare zone free of charge. Valid Feb. 15 and 16, 2020. Further information at www.vrr.de and www.bus-und-bahn.de. An overview of the VRR fare zone can be found here.
I want to leave and re-enter the festival site during the event. Is it possible to purchase a festival bracelet?
Yes, you have the option to get a festival bracelet on site for a price of EUR 5,-. This entitles you to repeated entry to the venue.
Are there cash machines?
Yes, cash machines are available in the corridor around the arena. At the box office and merch stands, payment by debit card is possible, too.
Is there a wardrobe?
Yes, sufficiently available on site. Additionally there will be lockers.
How does the food & beverage system work?
There will be numerous stands for food and drinks at the venue. It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks with you.
How does the token re-exchange work?
Attention: Have your ticket ready! The barcode on the back of your EXODUS ticket entitles you to re-exchange your remaining tokens. This barcode will be scanned at the re-exchange counter nearby the box office. You can exchange up to 12 tokens as usual.
Can I bring my own camera?
Yes, it is allowed to bring your camera to the event. Taking pictures or videos for personal/private use is permitted. It is forbidden to use sound, picture or video recordings or shoots for commercial use, unless the event organizer explicitly allowed it in advance by writing. The visitors may eventually be photographed or be on camera during the event. Pictures and recordings may be published.
Can I visit EXODUS with a wheelchair?
Yes, the entrance and toilets on site are handicapped accessible. The floor is accessible for everybody. Please consider that the gallery of the Westfalenhalle 1 is only accessible by stairs.
Is there a Newsletter/Flyerservice?
Yes, add yourself here and get the latest information about EXODUS.
Any other questions?
Hotline: +49 (0)261 – 921 584 95 or via e-mail: [email protected].
Forged tickets
Attention: Forged tickets unfortunately keep appearing which are difficult to tell apart from genuine tickets. We therefore strongly advise you not to buy tickets from online houses or private sellers. Hardtickets and all system tickets (eventim, paylogic, etc.) will be closely checked at the venue. Anybody with a forged ticket will not be allowed to enter. Please buy your tickets only at exodusfestival.de, the official advance sales or the box office.
House rules
You can view the house rules here.